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Your backyard landscape design can look just as beautiful as you want. From adding a patio cover to extend your paver pool deck or completely remodeling the ground with new hardscape walkways. See how other Irvine home and business owners remodeled their properties recently.

Irvine Bathroom Remodeling Near Me

Bathroom Remodeling

Customer Issue: This customer was looking for a more functional his and hers as well as a way to increase storage in the bathroom.
Our Solution: We installed a long vanity with three cabinets with roll-out shelves. On top of the vanity, we installed a quartz countertop and separate sinks. We left enough room to build a wall next to the vanity in order to create a toilet niche that would offer some privacy to our customers on busy days. We used the corner of the newly built wall to add a couple of shelves as additional storage space.

Sandra Morton - Irvine
Retaining Wall Installation Close To Northwood, CA

Retaining Wall Installation

Customer Issue: Our customer needed us to make more parking space for when he’s entertaining at home.
Our Solution: We excavated the slope to make the area level and dug the trench for the first row of concrete blocks. We decided to go with the mortar-less method of stacking and used smaller rocks to prevent flagstones from wobbling. We filled the space behind the wall with drainage gravel and a layer of soil thick enough to grow grass on. We left it to Mr. Cummings to decide whether to plant some cascading plants as wall decoration.

Liam Cummings - Northwood
Patio Cover Installation Near Irvine | S&P Home Work

Patio Cover Installation

Customer Issue: The Hill family decided to treat themselves to a remodeled backyard patio with a more impressive and comfortable look and features. This also included a patio cover.
Our Solution: The patio was already separated from the back door entrance by a hardscaped stone path. Building gazebo columns and a roof over the patio required clearing only a small area of plant life around it. This also gave us room to put seating between the pillars, making the backyard patio all the more inviting.

William Hill - Irvine
Pool Side Pavers Installation Nearby Santa Ana | S&P Home Work

Pool Side Pavers Installation

Customer Issue: The customer wanted some hardscaping done around his backyard swimming pool to make it easier to walk and sit around. He wanted the pool deck to have excellent traction to prevent slipping.
Our Solution: Two new rows of bluestone pavers added to the pool boundaries created a roomier walkway. All it took was clearing the grass and dirt, laying some adhesive foundation on the smooth ground, and then spreading the sand and aligning the pavers.

Ethan Magnum - Santa Ana
Backyard Remodeling Next To Lake Forest | S&P Home Work

Backyard Remodeling

Customer Issue: Mr. Biel wanted some benches and walkways put into his backyard to break up the greenery a bit. He decided remodeling the backyard with some hardscapes would do the trick.
Our Solution: Elegant brick pavers, shaped stone platforms with concrete supports, and wood and steel benches turned this trackless yard into a gorgeous park. Careful landscape design planning resulted in each area of greenery having just enough space to be appreciated from the surrounding hardscape walkways and seats.

Fabius Biel - Lake Forest
Driveway Pavers Maintenance in Tustin | Pave Your Landscape Irvine

Driveway Pavers Maintenance

Customer Issue: Preparing the house for sale and wanted to improve the appearance of the front paver driveway.
Our Solution: Our team commenced by power blowing the dirt off the pavers, then removing all stains with special commercial cleaning solutions, and spraying organic weed killer to ensure all growth is eliminated. After power washing and letting the pavers dry thoroughly, a sealer was applied to the pavers, including to the edging.

Matthew Wooten - Tustin
Patio Pavers Installation | Pave Your Landscape | Tustin

Patio Pavers Installation

Customer Issue: The patio area was always soggy from the rain and needed to be paved properly.
Our Solution: The customer chose sturdy brick pavers that require relatively low maintenance. Our team started by measuring the area to be paved, excavated it, created an edge, prepared the base of gravel, and finally, paved the patio after ensuring the area was smooth and flat.

Kelly Callahan - Tustin
Pavers Replacement | Pave Your Landscape | Orange

Pavers Replacement

Customer Issue: Wanted to have a part of the driveway repaired due to cracked pavers in the entrance to the garage.
Our Solution: Our team inspected the driveway’s brick pavers, marking the ones that needed to be replaced. We then removed them and cleaned the debris around. After adding sand, new pavers were installed, after ensuring they matched the existing pattern. More sand was poured and the bricks were tapped into position.

Gerald Camacho - Orange
Stamped Concrete Installation | Pave Your Landscape | Costa Mesa

Stamped Concrete Installation

Customer Issue: Wanted a stone-like texture for the driveway, without the associated higher cost and extra maintenance.
Our Solution: The customer chose a classic cobblestone look, giving the entrance to the house a European look at minimal cost. Our team first poured a brown pigmented concrete, accented with a charcoal powdered release agent. When the concrete was ready, a stamping process took place using cobblestone-textured stamps.

Arthur Cantrell - Costa Mesa
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